Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Growing greens

I have been working on providing the greens for my chickens so that to they stay healthy through our grey winter days.   I have sprouted oats and they didn't want the greens; they wanted carrots. They do like Brussels sprout greens so i'm going to try to mix the oat greens with the Brussels sprout greens.
They are growing. At the end of the month I will have a rooster to roast and two to sell. The smaller two will make better yard roosters, I think.
They still love the alfalfa and the worms so I at least have good protein besides their food to give them.
I used to play my videos for them, and I think they miss that, so I'm going to take music out to them. They sure are curious when the Coast Guard helicopters go over us. We are in the flight pattern.
I still laugh at how my mother-in-law's dog won't go out to go poetry in the yard when the roosters are crowing. Comical.

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