Friday, November 21, 2014

Building a temporary pen

My father and I have been building a temporary pen to hold my chicken until I can repair the area they will be living in.  It has been quite an adventure. As soon as we started putting the chicken wire on the four pieces, it started to rain.
My cat, Binx, supervised the laying out of the wire. We tried using some old fencing but the staples wouldn't go in far enough to hold it on.  So we got some chicken wire, and Binx decided, as all good supervisors do, that he would govern from the safety of the carport
Once we realized it was easier to work with on its side, plus the use of a power stapler and motivation of the rain, we got the individual pieces finished quickly.
The out side of the pieces are fenced so that when they are put together they will create an inner pen with perches that will allow me to create a nesting area for the hens when they are old enough.
So tomorrow I will clear out their area, and we'll put the pen together.
This spring they will go outside so I can start growing some more chicks. It's a process. But the eggs will be worth it for sure.